Roots and Wings, a new series

Acrylic on Masa paper, collaged and mounted on w/c paper, “Tangled”, 21″X27″

The beginning of a series of paintings called “Roots and Wings”.  The phrase is perhaps familiar in that it comes from a quote by Hodding Carter, “There are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children.  One of these is roots, the other, wings.”  As the parent of two young men, I am constantly walking that parental tightrope of trying to give them stability while allowing them their wings.

But the series also has to do with the images that naturally occur when I put paint to paper.  They are either organic shapes that grow toward the earth or toward the heavens. In this recently finished piece I became quite mesmerized by the tangling vines/roots, similar to the way I become quite entranced with the entanglements I create in my life.  No wonder it’s so hard to simplify and focus (two of the mantras I’m constantly chanting to myself!)  So I guess in this series I will abandon myself in that entanglement of shapes and meanings, which I so enjoy, in the hopes of at least giving expression to it.  And perhaps, over time, the paintings will become simpler and more direct and so will my life!  One can hope.

Tomorrow I’ll be at the Bay Area Model’s Guild Marathon all day, painting the figures. I wonder if they’ll grow roots and wings?



  1. This is a fascinating, mesmerizing, weird, wonderful, gotta-see-more, root-sy, where is it going, I’m afraid I’ll fall in, elegant, and please paint more of them!


  2. OH

    This is absolutely, stunningly beautiful. I covet it. It reminds me a bit of a Gustav Klimt. I really love this. I know you inspired Leslie White to do some work on Masa paper. I think you’ve just inspired me.



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