Students Master Masa

sumi ink, watercolor and gouache on crinkled Masa mounted on w/c paper

by Carmen

A great example here of using the ink to draw in the “bones” of the scene before adding color and then softening areas with gouache.  Such atmosphere!

This is all work done by the students in last weekend’s workshop.

by Christa

Christa’s piece wasn’t quite finished, but she’s letting me show it here anyway. The colors just pop! and the lines help to dance your eye around the piece.

Masa paper collage on inks and gesso on w/c paper, by Jeanine

Second day of the Masa paper workshop we let go of painting landscapes or fantascapes and used the paper for collage.  The results were stunning!

by Tosya

The combination of painting wetly on w/c paper with the Masa textured paper made for some really exciting interactions. This is just a small sampling of the beautiful paintings the students did.  It was really hard to stop as Sunday afternoon rolled around. . .




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