A Mas-a Fun!

watercolor and sumi ink on crinkled Masa paper, 10″ X 15″

My Crinkled Masa paper workshop was last weekend and there’s so much to share about it.  The technique I learned from Cheng Kee Chee is illustrated in this little landscape demo, where you start out with the damp, crinkled paper and paint the “bones” of the painting in sumi ink and then add color.  When the surface is dry, you mount the Masa on watercolor paper or board and paint some more detail.  This is a typical winter scene here in California wine country where the mustard grows between the bare grape vines.

10″ X 15″ demo

But we’ve had such paradoxical weather lately, warm sunny days which popped the blossoms out (not apple, but plum and others) and then switched to freezing.  So we look through the blossoms to the Mayacama mountains nearby which are snow clad.  This “spring” painting is also a winter painting.  I think I might need some more quail, maybe under the nearest apple tree.  What do you think?

Tomorrow I want to showcase some of the student work, which was exceptional (as always!)  I get so inspired when I see what others do with my lessons.



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