Inks, gesso, image transfer, collage,  demo for last night’s Muse group

Naked in my dream, naked and on display as the painted woman, a zebra girl with lines all over.  A zebra girl and being judged by the ultra chic and mean spirited. These stripes are not my style, though they look fine on you, my zebra kin. I’ll wash them off to get back to plain old me, or be the painted lady I choose to be.

Ever been caught naked in a dream? Well this dream had a different sort of wrinkle because my body became a palette for something like tattoos consisting of many lines. Just another form the painting and drawing obsession takes in nightly dream-art adventures!

The image transfer in this piece is the figure drawing, which is my own.  I copied it on a toner copier and transferred it using clear contact paper.  The zebra in the picture had to sacrifice his tail end to cover my nakedness!



  1. Fascinating dream! Your last sentence made me laugh.

    I sent a friend the link to your blog. She’s only been doing collage for a short while but one would never know. She just sent me an old record album, the kind that held multiple classical recordings, on every page of which she created a collage that had a connection to me. It’s one of the most beautiful hand-made gifts I’ve ever received.


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