The Dangerous Old Woman

watercolor, gouache, collage, egg shell, on crinkled Masa  paper, Saturday Muse demo

She peaks out from eyes in trees and under wings of birds, sips tea in her hollow and reads the leaves for signs of changes coming.  Her juices are the saps and herbs that fortify, ginger-fy, solidify, making us succulent, sassy, and wise.

Old woman, why do you look at me so?  What do you want from me?  More art, you say.  Less indecision, you insist. To smack my lips with you as we devour the fruits of life?

The Dangerous Old Woman refers to an audio book by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes whose teachings became the backbone of both the Muse groups this weekend.  The Dangerous Old Woman is our ally for creative and thus spiritual growth, the champion of our unique eccentricities and giftedness.  And so we courted her with our art, drew her into our sphere and took on her particular wisdom.

At the same time we played with crinkled Masa paper for some truly unique backgrounds.  And I celebrated the first week of my young hen Kashka’s egg laying by incorporating some of her beautiful pale green shells in the piece!  While the group was playing on Saturday, my new hens were making quite a racket with their cluck-versations, and later I found that the second one, Ariadne, had laid her first egg as well, a dark reddish brown one.  They have heard nothing but praises and endearments from me since then!

There are still two spaces in the Crinkled Masa Paper workshop Feb. 19/20 if you want to get in on the fun!



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