Back to the Figure

Charcoal on paper, 2 min sketches

Back to Thursday Night Drawing Group after a break of a few weeks.  The model, a familiar one, Mikal, an actress who likes to put the spice of drama in her poses.

2 or 5 min. poses combined

One model, different personas.  I like to put the sketches together on the same page and see if they can relate to each other in some unexpected way as if two different people.  Of course there’s only seconds to plan where to place them, so it always a surprise.  I’m not trying to sketch a likeness but love it when any expression or personality lands on the page.

The model is on a platform in the middle, so one may just get the foreshortened version of any pose, which I find next to impossible to capture quickly (pose on the left which had a hand on the knee) but the face has just the element of mystery I’m going for!

Dark wash pencil on text collaged surface, 20 min. pose

I had prepared some papers with collage in order to have a surface with more interest to draw/paint on.  I never got to color on this one, but wet the pencil lines to get a bit of dark wash.  I often find that people are more interested in my collage surface than in my resulting sketch, which could possibly be remedied by longer poses and more time to develop the drawing/painting, but maybe not!





  1. Lovely, lovely! I watched one of your youtube videos “soul sketching” and was so inspired to try a few exercises using ink and watercolors. Honestly I don’t know how you “see” what the story is there, mine turned out interesting but I didn’t see anything. I did make them into an interesting art journal though!


    1. Glad you enjoyed trying the inks, and if you got an interesting art journal piece from it. . .that’s what matters. I think the playfulness is what does the energizing, healing work. We don’t always need to “understand” or make a story from it.


  2. Dear Susan,
    I was wondering if you could tell me more about your Thursday night drawing group. I live in Sonoma and I am looking to join other artists who are interested in drawing the human form.

    Lucille Rella


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