Eating and sketching

Sharpee pen and watercolor in Arches Travel Book

Only a true friend would allow a sketch like this with such equanimity. . .we’re still here in Annandel park with the frogs (last Sunday).  Great to do a watercolor sketch again after many weeks! I would have tackled the frogs, but they were not visible.   Makes me think it’s time to schedule some sketch workshops for the spring!  Any suggestions for topics/subjects/settings?



  1. Hi! Sorry to bother you but I’m brand new on your blog.
    What are you thinking of to paint? Where are you located?
    The Big Cat Habitat & Gulf Coast Sanctuary is very bewautiful,
    as is the rest of Sarasota, and the beach! You could paint
    something here! Take care; Linda Roberson


    1. I live in Sebastopol, CA, an hour north of San Francisco in “wine country”. Some day it would be fun to visit your part of the country and sketch. I haven’t been to Florida since I was a child and I remember a swamp and crocodiles along with the beaches. So cool! THanks for visiting here.


  2. Susan, What about painting all the spring wildflowers along the coast? They should be starting to bloom now or soon. The trail connecting Shell Beach with Goat Rock will be full of them! Also, Harrison Grade area and the trillium usually comes out in February/March along Mt. Gillead Road. Of course, my favorite area to paint is the Laguna and the birds are flocking there now. I saw a bald eagle two weeks ago. 🙂
    See you tomorrow!


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