watercolor, ink, gouache on Masa paper mounted on illustration board, 15 X 11″

Finished this one today.  I know, I’m one season late with these flaming fall colors, but I am such a lover of reds and golds. . . Now in my part of the world the landscape, when not fogged in, is all greens and red browns.  Green, that most difficult of all colors to put right in a painting.

Lately I’ve been painting mostly with fluid acrylics, but I wanted to get back to this wonderful crinkled Masa paper technique I learned using watercolors years ago with Cheng Kee Chee.  First you wet the paper and crinkle it, then spread it out and paint on it.  This one started with an ink painting, which I turned over to the side where the ink had bled through in interesting patterns.  Then I painted with watercolor (lots of tube paint and not much water) and finally with accents of white gouache mixed with watercolor. Very fun and surprising!

If you want to try this out for yourself, perhaps you can join me next month for the workshop I’m teaching on Painting Nature’s Textures on Crinkled Masa Paper, February 19, 20.




  1. Susan, this is beautiful. When the image appeared in my blog roll, I thought, wow (I’m always drawn to paths and roads leading into the unknown). Great selection of colors. The crinkling effect is very cool.


  2. Love this piece, especially the colors. We’ve had that same moon here in El Paso, TX., it stopped me in my tracks last night. Your piece is a good tribute to this moon.


  3. the masa paper is intriguing me the more you use it … it has a magical quality … very inviting … the fine markings just add to the intrigue … hope we can use this material in sunday muses next month …


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