Winter Cold

Acrylic, collage, crinkled Masa paper on w/c paper

The cold I caught around Christmas is hunkering down today, making me croaky and spacey and unable to put more than a couple thoughts together.  So I have nothing poetic to say about this piece I just finished.  The cold is in here though in the dark and sending threads down into my lungs, and then there’s the sunshine fruit in the corner, which is the harbinger of health. I’m cocooning, burrowing, hibernating my way into the new year. Doesn’t it seem like a new year ought to start with spring?

Nevertheless I wish you a bountiful and expansive year 2011!

On Sunday I’m off to Palm Springs to take a painting workshop with Robert Burridge, and to dry out the cold. So I’ll “see” you when I get back after the 7th, when I should be out of my fog and have lots to share!



  1. I love Winters Cold, you are extremely talented, I really want to take a workshop with you, I live in Sebastopol am 72 and my husband left me for a much younger woman Iam out of my fog just retired and its time for me. I have one little slow down am Have a total knee replacement on the 11th so will have to be patient until I can drive, maybe 4 weeks
    I look forward to meeting you and taking some of your classes, very excited.



  2. Susan, I did notice the woman, I assume woman, in repose, on her side but with her face turned upward, arm encircling her waist outlined in the shape of the gold and green “cloud” at the top. You? You may not have felt poetic about this but it is ripe with prose for me. I shall have to try this paper. I am missing our group this month and going into withdrawal now… 😦

    Get well soon, sooner, soonest!


    1. Spoken like a true Muse Sister! No, I didn’t see myself lying there at the top in silhouette, but I do now. I was relating more to being stuck below with all the mucosal threads imprisoning me. Maybe now I can begin to lie on top though. . .well timed comment.


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