Crinkled Masa Texture

watercolor on crinkled Masa paper, 7 X 11″

After the storm last night the walkway out to my studio is carpeted with spiky green seed pods.  Nature reorders itself dramatically in such weather.  The flood plains below my home called the Laguna are now filled with water, where before there was green.  As a painter it is a challenge to capture the intricacies of nature’s changing patterns.

One of the more appealing ways is to wet and crinkle up oriental paper like Masa and then watch nature’s textures appear naturally as you apply ink and paint.  I’ll be teaching a workshop on this in February.

My December newsletter with workshop info and some ideas for creative exploration just came out, and you can see it here.



  1. oh my! This is absolutely stunning. The colors are beautiful and the spots of white really make the whole composition! And of course I like the little deer looking out at the viewer.

    Happy New Year Susan!


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