Pencil, acrylic (iridescent silver) on w/c paper

I am being composted.

A break in the rain today sent me out for a walk.  The boughs of the oaks were leaning so low over the road that I could only wonder at the strength of the roots to keep the trees in place.  Perhaps not for long – another storm and the road may be impassible.

There were those bright red mushrooms with their gaudy white polka dotted hats not far from the slimy, puke colored fungi, all pushing up through decaying plant matter.  I sighed with relief.  No wonder my mind has been so filled with all the things in my life that are not quite right – the ones that need fixing.  They are the fungi coming up through the detritus of the year’s growth.  Some are beautiful and some quite stinky, but they all will be composted to feed the earth for the return of fresh spring buds and baby creatures.

I was so full of words when I got back that I wrote all over the white paper with pencil and then set to painting over it.  Composting is a lovely concept when it comes to your garden, but it’s messy work when it involves your mind.  This is the best season to get it done though, with all those glorious and creepy mushrooms out there as reminders – the best season to realize that these thoughts too will decompose, making way for fresher ones.



  1. Susan,

    I LOVE how your mind works! Composting the mind? Where do you come up with these metaphors?? Ah, the Muse is working hard for you! I love this piece, it makes me remember when we did it on a Saturday months ago. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in January. Hope your holidays are merry and bright!



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