Chalice Project Painting

Acrylic, foil collage on canvas, 24″ X 24″

The Chalice Project is an art exhibition and auction which is a partnership between the Unitarian Universalist Congregation, Santa Rosa, the Committtee on the Shelterless, and the Arts Council of Sonoma County.  The art will be exhibited at the Glaser Center January 15 until the auction February 26.

This is the painting I will be donating.  The idea for it came from an art journal piece I did earlier this year.  That one was done in May, the light time of year.  But when I started this painting, now in the darkest time of year, the struggle to bring lightness out of the dark was greater! Such a lesson in the intuitive nature of painting.

Chalice:  Middle English, from Anglo-French, from Latin calic-, calix

1. a drinking cup, goblet, eucharistic cup

2. the cup-shaped interior of a flower

3. a poetic euphemism for the sacred feminine

4. a type of coral, usually formed in the shape of a cup

5. an ornamental serving vessel

. . .and a holder of light in the midst of darkness.



  1. Blow my mind beautiful! I’ve been afraid to try foil. Maybe your ode to the dark of the year will be enough inspiration to try. Things are very s-l-o-w this year, I only get a few minutes actually doing art each day (and a lot of wishful thinking). I know winter is hard on you, yet here you are turning it into something truly beautiful. Thank you for this blog and for taking us on the journey. Happy holidays!


  2. This is absolutely beautiful. I love the colors, which bring light out of darkness very effectively, and the grace of the figure amidst the light and dark contrast says to me that grace triumphs in those moments when the darkness makes its presence known.


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