The Sketchbook Project

Inks, acrylic in Sketchbook Project book

Over 28, 000 artists from 94 countries so far participating in the this “sketchbook concert tour”.  I know several people from my town alone.  Mind boggling!

Please play the Rohrshach test game again!  Click the comment button and say the first thing you see as you look at this ink blot. Your comment will appear in my little book, and if the tour comes somewhere near where you live, and you check it out, you will see it in person!  I’ve been enjoying your “projections” and I find I can relate to each one as I read it.

I’m struggling with the tissue thin paper in the little book we’re given to work in.  It puckers and crinkles and leaks color, causing all sorts of little challenges.  And the deadline of January 15 is looming!




  1. Hello Susan,

    The girls who saw it mentioned this morning:
    ‘a cat under a mask’ Lucie, 4 – a tiger’s face in disguise Alice, 7
    It’s great – I’m doing the sketchbook project too w/ lines and grids from my French countryside! cheers and good luck. Agnes


  2. This one is mysterious for me. I finally puzzled out the black lines at the center as two skulls with the colors being crape paper pompom balls. So a Day of the Dead sort of theme.


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