Acrylic and collage on w/c paper

Buddha emerging from a carnivorous plant, unconcerned. . .this red Christmas carnivore which devours my time, sucks the energy from me. A turbulent sea, a roaring red and green sea, which rushes at me. Quick!  Take cover under the freshly cut apple where the air is fragrant and the sea is calm.  The Mall monster can’t find me here.

But who will buy the presents, bake the cookies, write the cards?  Hey Buddha, are you flying away?  Can I jump on board with you, sit in your lap?  You’re the Santa I want. . .the one who can grant me a peaceful mind.  One who I can light candles to on the darkest night of the year.

“Keep It Simple Stupid.”  Take long naps, stay warm, walk on the beach, give lots of hugs and smile.

Ah, such excellent advice.  If only I can take it to heart.  This month is often the most challenging of the year for me, and so I try to enter it with a firm intention to keep it simple and stay in the heart.

Meanwhile the mind races ahead with plans to be with family and friends, fun events, my son coming home, etc. etc.  Stop!  And breathe deep.



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