Heart Trumps Mind

Image transfers, collage, acrylic, pen on w/c paper (demo for image transfer method)

What I see happening here is a woman reacting to the impact of the world on her consciousness.  She feels the weight of it, the struggles of its humanity from all nations – fells the threat of her own flag even as she feels an identity with its people.  The garlic is a band of protection, an inoculation against the disease of worldliness with its fear and loathing.

Her heart stays raptured with the scent of daffodils out of season, the chords of music resonating in her heart.  The heart which dreams past the creations of mind.

The face here is a sketch I did in figure drawing studio last year, printed out small and transferred onto the under painting with clear contact paper, an effective way to reuse old line sketches.  It works with toner copies or laser prints (not inkjet).

You put the image face down on the sticky side of clear contact paper cut to size, burnish it and let it soak for a few moments in water.  Then rub off the paper pulp and you have a transparent image to collage onto your piece.



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