Workshop Day 2: Paint Play + Word Collage

Acrylic, gesso, collage on w/c paper, 11 X 15″

Demo:  Day 2 of Paint + Collage + Word workshop

On the second day of last weekend’s workshop I got out some “tools of the trade” for putting on paint playfully – serrated paint scraper, palette knife, brayer/roller, spray bottle, brush for splattering – and started moving iridescent silver, gold, red and black paint around, infusing it with gesso in places.  The enso circle symbol appeared again.  I painted a wet band of black paint at the top right and let it drip down where it settled into some wet texture created by rolling some gesso on with a brayer.

When dry I collaged on some music cut in spherical shapes along with some text about the rescue of Sita from the evil lord Ravana.  It was from a crumbling antique book of the Ramayana I’ve been wanting to use.  Last step (for now), I painted over the text to make it more a part of the piece.




  1. susan: i love the colorful underpainting – it radiates! i will try this on for size when i settle into my studio tonight … at first i didn’t see the rooster’s wattles, just the dove face above the feathers, and i took this bird to to have a very l o n g neck …
    is the dove a hovering gaurdian? muriel


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