Enso so so so

pencil, acrylic, Sumi ink, on tissue textured w/c paper, 11 X 15″

Paint + Collage + Word workshop continued. . . The next thing we did was a free write about the first piece (see yesterday’s post), using an expressive writing prompt chosen from a hand out, and write it directly onto a second blank piece of watercolor paper.  Then we painted over it, leaving some words exposed and covering others.  I used the prompt “What this is really about is. . .” and scribbled out something like this in my worst handwriting.

Enso so so so what this is really about is palms up to catch the heart of the world, palms open and tender and ready for the present moment to speak, palms open to draw it with colored pencils and to take that color and make it a rainbow of experience. It glows with the warm colors of acceptance, inviting all to enter into the circle.

Sometimes I see this at night – the glimmer of the day’s possibilities that I failed to give attention to. And they become particles out there sparkling up the night and my longing flies up to meet them.  I gather what I can, then toss up that handful of sparkles on my way inside again.  Tomorrow there will be more and maybe I’ll catch one with a brush and it will get down on paper like. . .NOW!

And so I painted the night sky and some sparkles of light over the words, some more enso circles, and thought about the way that a day without creative expression can send one into a night of longing for that which is just out of reach, a glimmer of a idea, a tune, an image that can never be retrieved.


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  1. Hey, Susan!
    Great FB page, glad you are here! I will not be able to make it on Saturday as I have company coming, my grandson Logan! Oh yeah, and Mommie and Daddy too of course. We will be celebrating his first birthday. I will try to make it out on Sunday instead. I should be able to do so. See you then.



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