Superbird Saves the Day!

Acrylic and collage on textured collage surface, w/c paper

I’m always telling the Muse Groups that we’re not going for “pretty” so much as “expressive”, so here’s my most recent art journal piece, done in the Tuesday Evening Muse group, which fits squarely in the latter category of “expressive” but not particularly pretty to look at.  But then, how could it be, since it reflects my feelings about the vulnerability of all the creatures of this unstable world.  I have sent in Superbird to protect us all.  I sure hope she’s not just flapping her wings in vain!

Meanwhile I’m busy getting ready for the “Paint + Collage + Word” workshop this weekend.  Bob is planning to make some of his delicious ginger pecan scones for us too. . .yum!


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