Test Your Imagination Here

Inks and Titan Buff acrylic in Sketchbook Project book

Theme:  “Make Mine a Double”

Have a go!  What do you see? Your answer will be published on the pages of this book which is headed (along with as many as 28,000 others!) for a tour around the country.  Click the comments button and make your entry.

Funny thing.  My husband just walked in and saw this and I immediately predicted what he would see in it (I’ll tell you later, after you’ve had a chance first).



  1. Looks like two heads wacking each other in the forehead ,,,both wearing some fancy hat/hairdo with little black crows on the bottom right and left.
    My first reaction was a sunset with trees with monsters sitting on top of the trees with the black crows flying underneath….but I have landscapes on the brain,,,as that is all I have been painting lately.
    Oh do tell, what did your husband see!!!!


  2. the Kabuki twins wearing fall colored kimono’s and pink earrings …
    their innocence belies their maturity …
    they are masters of their shadows who tag along with their heads bowed,
    attached to the twins by thin threads …

    . . .offered by Muriel.


  3. I can see so many things but, the first one is two pink-nosed female creatures (birds?) each holding a wing of a butterfly. They are clearly surprised as you can see the white exclamation mark next to each head. Perhaps it was a Black Friday decorative find at some store and they are going to have to Reau-sham-beau (sp) for who gets to buy it. They must be royalty because two loyal subjects are kneeling in honor of them in the lower corners.


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