acrylic, collage on w/c paper

Metaphor is a word for what happens when we paint and cut and glue and images float around and find a place to land.

In Tuesday Muse group this week we explored our art journal pieces by first picking a word and painting it onto the page, hogging a lot of the space with the letters.  Sometimes it’s hard to add words to your piece after painting and collaging first.  We don’t want to “mess it up”.  But when you start with the word/s, you start with the meaning, which pulls the images into place.

I didn’t know what the meaning of this was though until I did the free write at the end:

. . .images float around and find a place to land.  Like this tribal girl and her regalia.  Those ringed fingers and golden necklaces and beads which define her.  How beautiful she is, yet how constrained.  The constraints of beauty can be like that.  They war with freedom sometimes.   And yet I want my life to be filled with beauty. . .

If I were my husband I would launch here into an elegant discussion of the nature of beauty and its relationship to freedom.  But ah!  he has recently posted some fascinating ideas about “beholding beauty” which you may enjoy.



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