Recycled w/c painting and collage

The swami got the joke.  And wouldn’t it be amusing if lilies grew larger than people and we lived in a lily forest?  I always wanted to be a small creature who bathed in a dewdrop and slept on a bed of moss with mushrooms for a roof.

It would be rather startling however to look up (as the baker lady in the picture soon will do) and see two mammoth eyes and a nose peering into your business.

But then I would have fairy radar, and sense when it was time to get out of the way, to hide or become invisible in that way fairies do, effortlessly.

Another recycled painting, but this time I took an unfinished painting of lilies, cut it to the size of my art journal and used picture collage over portions of it, watching stories begin to emerge.  I like to actually get inside the piece and walk around a bit, trying it on for size, entering the make believe world to see what I can learn.

Feel free to take your own walk around in it.



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