Back Therapy

Ink and gesso “rohrshach”, collage on w/c paper, Tues. Eve. Muse demo

Geisha 1:  On closer examintatoin I find, not one, but two spines – not one but two pelvises and from the side elevatoin there is most assuredly concrete.  Something not moving – stuck right where the cross brace hits.

Geisha 2:  Perhaps if we do a bit of adjustment here?  Right here where the heron beaks are pointing, that is.  The sit bones are not sitting but hovering in space like birds about o dive for a fish.  . .

You see I have suffered from a certain amount of back discomfort lately, particularly in the sitting department.  So when I saw this art piece developing, I couldn’t help but think there was some vital information coming to light here.  The PG+E schemata drawings seemed to shed some light on the problem.

However, I must say I’m not sure if I can quite trust these foreign ladies who are examining my spine.  They do seem to want to help though, and have called in the birds for assistance, and the chopsticks and viewfinder will surely come in handy.  I can’t help wondering how much dismantling of existing structures might be needed to remedy the situation.  I can only hope for the best.



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