Make Mine a Double

black and green iridescent inks and buff acrylic in Sketchbook Project book

Want to play again and help me out with my “double” project?  Take this Rohrshach.  What do you see (aside from the obvious you know what)?  Sometimes it helps to see it in “quarters”.  Ready, set, Hallucinate!

Just click on the comment button and share your vision. It will go in my book!



  1. I see two womwn’s faces in the bottom half. Sort of Victorian with swept back hair and a profile look with a slightly tipped up chin.

    In the top portion I see two groups of people as in a crowd or walking down a crowded street.

    This is kind of fun!! Just as long as you don’t psychoanalyze me 😉


  2. When I saw this thumbnaíl on my blog roll…it took my looked like a rushing stream filled with light surrounded by lush, green foliage……..just wonderful. Then when I clicked on it of course, I saw a butterfly when looking at the outline but the stream got even bigger…and I could HEAR it……..omg. Really, I am not on anything:)…except life;)
    Are the guys with the white jackets going to come take me away now that I am hearing things too:)))


  3. [this one is from Muriel]
    in the top quadrants i see a man (small dark protruding shape) with one arm around his pregnant feminine counterpart and one arm reaching back to hold the hand of thier other child … they are facing away … i  dont understand what they are supported by … muriel


  4. I am in Venice, Italy walking the canals in my Madi Gras costume of pale yellow and grey flowing gossimer silk dress and gorgeous yellow and black mask as I stare out on the other beautiful revelers, in the parade of gondolas floating by.


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