Riding the Wave

acrylic, collage on illustration board, 30 X 20″

Riding the wave of the music. . .it’s a kind of rapture that a musician enjoys and we can participate in.  I like to dance the 5 rhythms and catch my wave that way. . . flowing, staccato, chaos, lyrical and stillness.  And sometimes when I paint, a song lodges in my head.  For this one (which I may or may not have finished today!) the Beatles song “Michele” worked its way in.

This is one of my favorite techniques and one I’ll be teaching at the workshop this weekend “Mix Those Media to Energize your paintings”.  I started out with tissue paper applied with matte medium so it wrinkled.  When it was dry, I did a red under painting and then sketched the figure on, building up and removing layers of paint until I got the effect I wanted.  I discovered I could rub off some of the dried acrylic with an alcohol (rubbing) soaked cloth.  I find that discoveries like that always come when I want to fix something in a painting and am willing to sacrifice it if it doesn’t turn out.



  1. This is quite different from what I’ve known you to do; I’ve just spent a very nice time browsing your latest posts and creations. It’s always a pleasure to come and visit your virtual studio! Thanks for sharing!


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