The Romantic Figure

6 min charcoal drawing

It’s been a while since I’ve made it to the figure drawing group, but I was determined not to miss last Thursday evening when King Oberon and Puck from Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” were to heat up the modeling platform. (I’d seen them both in last summer’s Shakespeare in the Park performance)

So even though I’d worked all day with a helper to put a new roof on my chicken pen and plug up all the holes where the raccoons could get in, and even though we finished late and I had just enough time to wolf down dinner (and get a collassal stomach ache as a result!)  I raced over to get my spot just as they started modeling. . .

2- 2min poses

Oh, and did I mention they were sans costume?  And with a superb athleticism that could hold the most difficult poses.

Prepared for battle with sword and club. . .

10-15 min. pose

and the most tender and romantic poses.  Were they acting or was this as it seemed “the real thing”?  Whatever it was, it certainly made for an enthralling evening of sketching.



    1. Keep it up. These are so very promising. I love the second one especially ~ so very unusual. I wanna send to my young UCLA friend who put on Shakespeare in Berkeley’s Hinkle Park in July… must figure out how to send the figures…


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