Another rohrshach test!

red and black ink and acrylic in Sketchbook Project sketchbook

Please help with this Rohrshach!  What do you see?  I promise we won’t analyse you.  I will put your comments/observations/outrageous guesses and insane projections in the sketchbook (on the theme “Make Mine a Double”).

Have fun with it!  Click the Comment button to share your hallucinations.

ARTrails Open Studios ended yesterday and I’ve been busy starting to get things back to normal in the studio. If you’re one of the scores of art lovers who showed up over the two weekends we were open, thank you for visiting and for sharing your enthusiasm!  I thoroughly enjoyed meeting so many new and old friends, students and collectors.  And Phil, the cat, and the chickens  got so much attention that today they’ve just been resting up.



  1. Looks like two masked bandits staring into each others eyes………… who is going to take the diamond first…………do I have sparkly, bobbles on the brain today? Heaven knows,,,I don´t need anymore jewelry!!!


  2. When I squint I see the head of a guy on a motorcycle (think Mad Max) with goggles on and his beard blowing in the wind. Are you sorry you asked?


  3. CHICKENS–seriously, you didn’t see that right off? Okay, I admit that since you paint them so frequently, I just expected them. They are breast to breast, coyly mirroring each other’s action,looking like they’re comparing new dresses.


  4. I see twin old women (or could be middle-Eastern men)lying in bed, facing away from each other as if in a huff over some disagreement. Okay, maybe I need more coffee….


    1. I had to look up “doppelganger”. Here’s what I found, for those of you who like me love the word and want to know what it means:
      Definition: a ghostly counterpart of a person; a ghostly double of a living person
      Etymology: German doppel ‘double’ + ganger ‘goer’

      Maybe I should title this sketchbook project Doppelganger! Yes! THanks Sara.


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