The Muse in Her Bower

“The Muse in Her Bower”, acrylic on cradled clayboard panel, 12″X12″

Another one inspired by Michaelangelo.  Actually first inspired by the nature collage items I’d collected – seed pods and lavender and egg shells.  I started out gluing these onto some panels and flowing fluid acrylic over the textured surfaces.  This one has seeds with cottony trails.  It seemed to form a flowered bower and invite this Muse from the Renaissance.

“Pierced by Love’s Arrow”, acrylic on cradled panel, 12 X 12″

The companion piece was begun with egg shell collage.  (This is the finished version.  I posted an earlier version a week or so ago.)

Today I’m busily cleaning my studio (a much bigger job than I’d anticipated, therefore a welcome break here at my computer!)  Getting ready for ARTrails Open Studios this weekend and next.  If you’re in this part of the world – Sebastopol, California – I hope you’ll stop by.  All the details are here.


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