Traveling Muse Journal: Taking the Leap

When the Sunday Muse Group members were choosing their themes for the Traveling Muse Journals, Agnes was getting ready to move her family back to France.  Appropriately she chose the theme “Taking the Leap” and each member contributed her unique message through image and word.  I recently completed my own page and sent it back to Agnes, but not before photographing it to share here.  First, the title page Agnes created:

by Muse Agnes

by Muse Susan B.

(page 1) by Muse Grace

(page 2) by Muse Grace

by Muse Suzanne

by Muse Judy

by Muse S.J.

by me

By the time I completed my page last week I had heard from Agnes, how she was getting settled in her new home and the girls were busy with new activities. So it seemed natural to have a sort of postscript to the story of the taking a leap into the unknown and then landing and settling back in.  We miss you Agnes and wish you well in your new life!


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