Bunny Gossip

Inks, gesso on w/c paper

I’m actually a pretty serious minded person.  But look at the mischief my unconscious mind is up to!  Actually I won’t take all the credit.  This was a demo for SAturday’s workshop and no sooner had I folded over the paper to let the inks print the double image, and opened it up,  then a couple of the students immediately saw the high heels and rabbits.  So the image stuck and I just played with it a bit.  Maybe it’s my two boys talking about mom, pointing out the inconsistencies in my parenting style or plotting some mischief behind my back.  More likely it’s those inner children inside me figuring out a way to have a bit more fun.



  1. This one really makes me smile! Wonder if the bunnies are discussing your footwear and why women need to wear such high heels? Or if they could get them on their big bunny-sized feet? ha ha


  2. Love this, Susan… tells a story. So funny, bunny.
    Enjoying the painting of yours that shows the fall colored vineyard- remember – It waited with you till I got myself settled?? Still my fave…
    Be well.


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