Painting With Inks and Gesso

Inks, gesso, collage on w/c paper

fancy dancer catches my dreams,

swirls them around,

leaves me dizzy with longing,

with memories just out of reach,

with stories begun and not ended

a scarf gets tossed in the air

and is gone forever.

The ink flowed and the gesso swirled on Saturday at the “Freedom in Painting With Inks and Gesso” workshop.  The above painting was one of my demos.  An enthusiastic group! and I think I can safely say that everyone painted themselves “out of the box” with these fun materials and the encouragement of each other. Paintings dried quickly in the scorching sun.

. . .while we painted in the air conditioning of the studio.  Ahhhhh. I have it on again today as the temps climb up toward 100F.



  1. Beautiful piece and your workshop looked productive too. I just received your book yesterday here in Germany. I love it! Will take time this weekend to sit down and really absorb and read it but I am so inspired by it,,,can´t wait!…It is a gorgeous sampling of your work filled with glorious art.


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