Make Mine a Double

Inks and gesso in “Sketchbook Project” moleskine book 7 X 5″

I signed up to participate in the Sketchbook Project Tour: 2011, a “concert tour with sketches”.  Every participant gets the same little sketchbook, already barcoded for the Brooklyn Art Library.  It’s due in by January 15, 2011 and then spends the rest of the year touring art galleries and museums around the country.

My task now is to fill this little sketchbook with something along a theme line that I picked from their list.  I chose “Make Mine a Double” and because I’m having so much fun with rohrshach-like ink paintings, each spread will be one of these.

And now I really need your help, because the other part of my book will be the various interpretations of the inkblots.  So please allow that sparkling imagination of yours to go absolutely wild (click on the Comments button above) and write down your associations.  I will use just initials in the book, so your identity will be concealed.  After all the sketchbooks tour various galleries all over the country next year, they will be in the permanent collection of the Brooklyn Art Library.

So tell us – what do you see?  First impressions. . .



  1. I see insects and birds:
    – Top: ants? turned outwards
    – Middle: blue pigeon turned inwards + black contour of birds turned upside down
    – Below: blue bird with beak pointing outwards


  2. her two faces taking a long, close look at themselves … they wear picked cotton hats and they are dressed in blue, the shoulder/sleeves ruffling and feminine …Q? what is it that joins them?


  3. I had to laugh at my response…..a Bee going after an ice cream cone…….with melted ice cream below………..I must be hungry I guess….strange, I don´t even eat ice cream:) I wonder what that is trying to tell me:)


  4. I am sooo inspired by these! Definitely the insect theme predominates. Hungry insects eating yummy things. . .
    THanks to all of you. My confidence in this sketchbook theme is growing strong. I’m thinking maybe I’ll make some kind of pocket to put the interpretations into for each rohrshach.


  5. My very first thought was chickens. She’s doing more chickens!

    So glad to hear you’re doing the sketchbook project! Do you have a profile on the site yet? If so, let me know and we can be friends. 🙂


  6. I signed up for The Sketchbook Project, too, on the “Make Mine a Double” theme. I’m not a ‘proper’ artist, but am doing it just for enjoyment and with the hopes of improving my sketching (non)skills. Anyhow, searching for inspiration on the interweb led me to your interpretation on the theme and I am impressed! What a wonderful idea. But there I go rambling about nothing… sorry!

    To your question:
    When I first saw it I thought of Japanese paintings of flowers. On close examination I see very large ants attacking blue birds – or maybe normal-sized ants attacking very small blue birds?

    Either way – FAB! Thanks for sharing!


      1. My approach to the theme is less creative and more practical I suppose. A few months ago I picked up a pencil and started sketching out of boredom. I found that it was a bit therapeutic and was a great way to relax and unwind as part of the grieving process I’m going through since my husband died.

        A writer by hobby and trade, I started to use my sketches and ‘art’ to illustrate some of my blog posts and found that I needed more practice. So, my book is going to be just that—practicing the art of real-life sketches. My “doubles” will be things that I like to have as a double (martinis anyone?) or things that I can weave the word double into but that will serve as good practice for my (hopefully improving) skills.

        I’m not far along but you can see what I’ve done so far here: (Constructive criticism always welcome!)

        (Oops, there I go rambling again!)


  7. Frances, I am sorry to hear about the loss of your husband. I have always found drawing and painting to be very healing and energizing. Your idea for the book sounds perfect. Good luck with it! No criticism offered – just encouragement.


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