Architects of Transformation

acrylic, ink, image transfer, collage on w/c paper

Sorcery, alchemy, secret messages abound on dark nights.  These secrets must be revealed and therein lies the healing.  But I want to run and hide from these architects of transformation. Am I ready for all this to be set free into my world?  How many  ill humors, biting snakes, caustic words, Harry Potter processionals of death eaters and poison darts will take flight? If popped, will these bubbles coming from the mouth rain grace or pestilence?

Heavy stuff, huh?  Not really.  Just a normal day in the life of a busy mind and active imagination.  I was actually having a delightful time with the Sunday Muses when an owl post flew in the window of my painting, Harry Potter style, to add some drama.  And those bubbles coming from the mouth. . .don’t you sometimes wonder what could slip out of the mouth unbidden?



  1. Just love the deep rich colors on this one. It really is mysterious. I assume some of it is collage but I can’t honestly tell which is which. Very nicely integrated.


    1. THanks SJ. That’s the idea, to not be able to tell what’s pasted on. The image transfer of the alchemists is detectable because you can see the purple color through it. For this I used Apollo transfer paper with wet gel.


      1. I love transfers. Now I’ve just got to do this Apollo one! I’m still happiest with packing tape transfers because I have so much control—I just design for the glossy effect. I see I’ve missed your transfers workshop… Sigh.


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