A garland of garlic for a world of pain

ink, acrylic, collage on w/c paper

watching it all with a compassionate heart. . .the crash resounding round the world and through the months and years. . .all reflected in the Buddha’s face and lodged somewhere in my bones and leaking out again through my pen and brush.

The Muse groups played with making bold expressive marks, first on brown craft paper and then in our art journal pieces this weekend.  Saturday was of course the anniversary of THE 9/11.  So when the black ink marks at the bottom of the page went on I could immediately see where this one was going.  And then the picture of the plane appeared and there was no doubt about it.

So what’s that garlic doing there right across the middle of the picture?  We all need a talisman in this world of such suffering, and garlic is the ultimate anti-vampire, anti-biotic healer, and (why not) anti-terrorist solution.  Granted, this is metaphoric logic, the kind that dreams and imaginings are made of, but powerful nevertheless.

Troubling as this imagery of death and destruction is,  I found  solace in doing this piece and sharing it with the group.  And the last sentence I wrote was: The watchful one knows all this and can still smile. Buddha nature.



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