Sharpee pen and watercolor in Arches Travel Book

It’s an environment of greens and blues and no matter how much I intend to bring in more colors, while I’m sitting in that pristine environment I want nothing more than to dip into my blue paints!

The chipmunks were obviously accustomed to substantial feasts courtesy of campers.  The constant and rather bold presence of their tiny striped bodies was a delight to us, and I tried (and failed) to sketch them.  Instead I got a quick sketch of one of our group leaders who was warming in the early morning sun.

Gray Sharpee pen and watercolor in Strathmore Bristol Visual Journal

Have you seen these new Visual Journals by Strathmore?  They come with different papers and I wanted to try a super smooth surface that would be more accepting of pen than the 140 lb CP watercolor paper.  Of course it’s less accepting of watercolor so that’s the trade off.

Many thanks to the group leaders and enthusiastic participants of this delightful weekend!

Isabelle has a wonderful travel log with sketches of our paddle trip on her blog so I hope you will check it out.



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