Homage to the Forever Sisters

Higgins black ink, acrylic ink, gesso, collage on w/c paper (Rorschach)

Homage to the Forever Sisters

Three hazy sisters conjuring butterflies and dragonflies.  Surely they fly as well, even with their fertile bellies.  Been doing this for eons, they have.  Taking in the seed with their seductions and with their magic rolling in the meadow til it sprouts and encumbers them with that divine heaviness!  They carry their dreams down low where they are anchored to this lifetime, even while flying into the forever.

More fun with ink and gesso – this one with a tri-fold in the paper.  It seemed terrifically messy when I opened up the folds to see the smeared paints – but then I caught sight of the sisters.  Our minds are so primed for metaphor and story making.  A wee bit more paint, a nose here, a bosom there, and voila!



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