Barnyard Patrol

“Medal Winner”, acrylic, molding paste, collage textures on w/c paper, 15 X 20″

The barnyard and chicken coop are gritty.  Not at all like the smooth allure of our breakfast eggs.  So I play with molding paste here, the heavy and light weight kinds that get me closer to sculpture and creating a surface you want to run your fingers over.  The fluid acrylics settle into the grooves like dust into straw.  You start to smell the sun baked earth and feather fluffs.  It’s a sweet enough smell, all imagination.  I choose papers that mimic egg cartons, plain brown paper and papyrus. Lots of natural textures in this brew.  And the regal Duke (aka Colonel) rules once again.

We’ll be playing with some of these fun textures in my October workshop Mix Those Media to Energize Your Paintings, if you’d like to join us.

Take a look at the just published August issue of the Imagine With Art newsletter!



  1. Susan, you do capture the heart and soul of the chicken world. It’s through you that I’ve come to appreciate it. I love your latest portrait of my hero, The Duke. I haven’t found any chickens in France yet, but I do hear sonme early morning crowing so I know it’s just a matter of time.
    This new series of yours is very exciting.


    1. It’s fun to picture you at your lovely La Cascade home in France now. I remember some really gorgeous birds at the Revel farmers market, next to the eggs I assume they laid. A way of honoring the source I supposed. A kind of authentication of the quality eggs they produced.


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