The Travels of a Muse and Her Journal

Cover of a Traveling Muse Journal “An Artist Travels the World” by Muse Bettina (9″X12″ spiral w/c book)

The Saturday Muse group finally finished their Traveling Muse Journals, which were passed around to each group member to keep for a month and add their journal art inspired by the theme chosen by the journal owner.  Here is one of the books in its entirety.

In September we’ll be starting a new 6 month session of the Muse Groups and there are still spots available if you’d like to join us! We meet once a month and get down to some seriously fun art making while enjoying the creative energy of the group.  A different lesson every month dreamed up by my interminably restless imagination.  But just check out the imagination of this group!  I’ll be posting more of the journal at a later time.

by Muse Isabelle

by me, Muse Susan

by Muse Marilyn

by Muse Paula

by Muse Arianna

by Muse Linda

by Muse Christine


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