Owl Sisters

Higgins waterproof inks, black and red, gesso, collage, acrylic on w/c paper

Owl sisters cheek to cheek, wing to wing, wing to air, air to heart, heart takes wing.

And holding it aloft, a small person with up-stretched arms, uttering NNNNNNNNNN. . .

NNO! to breeding grounds for perfectionism

ON! to heart based living, flights of imagination, imperfection

In the Saturday Muse group we created and took our own Rorschach tests!  Dribbling inks and gesso and paints on one side and folding the paper over to get a mirror imprint.  They were so beautiful!  multicolored and textured and fascinating shapes that we could never have created “on purpose”.

Try it out for yourself.  Fold your paper in half, open it up, dribble/splatter a couple different inks and some much thicker gesso on one side.  Fold your paper over onto the inks and press.  Open the paper and marvel, fantasize, let your own stories evolve!

We’ll be playing around with inks and gesso in my September 25 workshop Freedom in Painting with Inks and Gesso if you want to join in.


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