To San Diego with Andy

pencil on 9 X 12″ sketchbook paper

Andy and I flew down to San Diego this past week to take a tour of UCSD, which is my alma mater and a prospective school for him after this year.  The university has changed a wee bit since I graduated a million years ago (37 to be exact).  In fact it has been expanded so much that I didn’t recognize it enough to have those waves of memories I expected. . . at least not until we got to the beaches in La Jolla and Del Mar. You see I spent time just about every day on the beach, not surfing, just swimming and walking and bird watching and sun bathing and feeling guilty that I wasn’t studying.  Andy will be more of a surfer on those beaches if he ends up going there and I will be there vicariously, imagining it all over again!

Though there is some likeness to this portrait, I think I’ve exaggerated certain traits.  While we were waiting at the airport I sketched him again and later started to list all the events of the day, only half of which got on this page.  This summer has been such a busy one.  None of my “vacation” trips have been about resting, but this one was definitely full of adventures and novel experiences – like staying in the hotel with the convention of Red Hat Society ladies in their purple clothes and outrageous red hats!

Sharpee pen and w/c in Arches Travel book



  1. Love the sketches! I worked at UCSD one summer when I was a little older than Andy and I grew up (supposedly) in San Diego. I haven’t been back in 30 years and am dying to do so. I miss the so cal beaches!


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