Sketch Workshop in Gualala

Sharpee pen and watercolor in Arches Travel Book

Finally getting around to sharing some of the sketches from the workshop I taught in beautiful Gualala, California in June.

First of all I thoroughly enjoyed the Art Center there.  I mean Gualala is a little town on a piece of coastal Hwy 101 which is accessible only by many miles of cliff hanger switchbacks, but this community supports the arts like nothing I’ve ever seen in such a small town. The art center, a lovely spacious building nestled in the redwoods, provided me with a large, airy studio above the art gallery for the workshop and there were events going on all weekend – from an art show and Hawaiian style anniversary to a 75th birthday and performance by famous jazz musician.  I took the group to town where we sketched the ocean view, flowers, restaurant interiors and more.  After the unseasonably cool and rainy weather I’d had the week before in Europe, the sunny warm weather was more than welcome!

I did my “sketch the person across from you at lunch and include restaurant illustrations” lesson and sketched the artist across from me. . .

student sketch

And then she sketched me back.  This is me with a couple of decades removed! (I only allowed them the detail of one eye)

My husband Bob had made the trip with me, and that evening we went to the concert/birthday celebration of Terry Riley at the Gualala Art Center and I sketched in the dark with a tea light on the table for light.



    1. Would enjoy meeting you Levonne! Maybe at some point I’ll get down to Central coast to do a workshop. And maybe you’ll make it up here to the coast north of San Francisco some time. . .


  1. Susan, These sketches are wonderful I’m soglad you had this on folige I’m teaching myself watercolor and these greens and then folidge have me not doing so well this little peek on your drawings and colors are wonderful for me to learn. I sure wish there was a way I could come to your classes it would be so benifit me so. Your work is so wonderful to me.Is there ever going to be a time for a video? I know I had asked you this some time back but theres always hope for me that you do.I like when you do these kind of pages there so wonderful Can you please have more on drawing folidge and how you layout your pages ect
    Have a wonderful day,


    1. Linda, I’m so glad you’re enjoying my sketches and I also wish there were a way for you to come in person to a workshop. Have you watched the video on the right hand column titled “Sketch the Spring Garden”? Here I demonstrate watercolor sketching of a flower in a garden and negative paint a chicken as well! At least it’s a sampler of my method.I’m sure one day when I have the time I’ll do a longer instructional video. Stay in touch!


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