The Dog Named Bear

Bear, watercolor on 300 lb CP paper, 22 X 26″

I paint the occasional pet portrait.  This gargantuan dog named Bear was a particular challenge.  The owner wanted a large painting to go over the fireplace in the family room. Because the family was local I was able to take my own photos, and I really lucked out when the cat named Bart showed up in one of the shots looking through the window!  That was the easy part.  But a big, black dog with only the tiniest spot of white to offset the big blackness – that is a challenge to a painter. So I invented some red and blue and even a bit of green to enliven the picture.  Happily the owner saw her gentle giant in the portrait and was pleased!  Whew!



  1. Again. love it!!!! I haven’t visited the site in a while, and today, am just so excited by everything you do. What a wonderful artist and wonderful teacher! Thanks for sharing….


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