Levitating Hens

Levitating Hens, acrylic on illustration board, 15 X 22″

I’ve been painting chickens for years now.  One Polish hen that I painted years ago was rather wild, shall we say.  I named it “Hen on the Runway”, a reference to a fashion show.  But my husband, whose business is fine art printing, made giclee prints for me and renamed it “Hen on Crack”.  Well, that painting was pretty tame compared to this one.  I hate to think of how he might re-name this one!  But oh!  How fun it was to paint.



  1. I LOVE this! Will you have it as a print for sale? The colors are exquisite–rich and bold. Fabulous! I suppose “Hen Party” is a bit too cliche…


  2. Hens on crystal meth?

    This is fantastic. The colors are so bright and rich. And who doesn’t love images of Chickens.

    I think I’m going to give one a try! 🙂


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