Baby chicks explore the world

Silkie Chicks, acrylic inks, gesso on w/c paper, 11 X 15″

This was the last of the first week of chicken paintings, done with gestural strokes and acrylic inks, one of them iridescent (hard to photograph!)  I had just spent some time with the new chicks in the perfect hanging-out-with-chicks setting – our old vegetable garden.  It’s a small raised bed surrounded by deer netting and it has been totally reclaimed by the weeds.  A perfect site for little chicks to explore and try their wings and taste new foods.  So I just sat in there with them for a while on this gentle summer day – not too hot nor too cool and with the fragrance of lavender and ripening apples in the air.  One by one I held them, watching them balance on my arm and then take off for a short wing flapping flight to the ground.  They didn’t stray far from my feet.  After a while of listening to their soft cheeping and gazing at their intricate new feather patterns I went into a delicious state of nature repose.



  1. Susan,
    You sketchbook paintings are wonderful and inspirational. I always like to study your composition and color application. Thank you for your inspiration. You are MY muse.


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