our two new Brahma chicks, Selassie on the right

They look almost civilized in this picture, these little Brahma (that’s the breed) chicks, but they are now two weeks old and perfectly capable of flight and all kinds of noisy shenanigans.  No wonder they’re Andy’s favorites. I’ve been painting chickens in the studio lately and thought that some real live chicks would season the creative stew, but they became a major distraction.  Have you ever heard a baby chick vocalize?

So I moved the cage with the five new chicks into the dining room so they would gets lots of civilizing influence ( might be disputable in my household)and I would have some quiet space.  Ironically the painting I was working on was of a Brahma chicken I believe. Now that’s synchronicity.



  1. I have just one Brahma Girl (she is a year old now). She lays long light brownish pinkish eggs! And she is very vocal… and makes a purring sound when she is busy laying an egg. She does not use the nesting boxes. She has her own box in the corner of the coop!

    I love the chicken painting below! xoxoxoxo


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