The Muse Responds

Acrylic, envelope, world postage stamps, hand cut stamps, gel pen

My correspondance with the Muse in the name of Image Amore was answered in this piece.  Contained in the envelope is the answering letter, full of comfort and blessings and ending with these words. . .“Blow a wave of compassion out into the world to heal both it and yourself. . .with enduring love, Your Imago Amore”

Today in the Sunday Muse Group Susan B. shared her memory map of her 9 year old self and that time of “endless summer” when she would ride her bike around the neighborhood with friends and wake up every morning with a whole summer full of “nothing” to have to do.  We all sighed deeply in remembrance.  It was as if she’d blown a wave of compassion on us to heal this busy-ness we become infected with, even in these summers of our lives.



  1. Oh, those words took me back… sister and I would bike together every summer and discover new roads and paths daily…..such fun….love the idea of the envelope and the letter…..



    1. I have a bike, but it’s been sitting in the garage for a while. Maybe it’s time to get it out, especially since my best friend from junior high (and biking buddy) is coming to visit next week!


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