Correspondance With the Muse

Acrylic, collage, stamps, gel pen on w/c paper

To:  Imago Amore

From:  Lost, Somewhere, World

In the days before and after my trip to Europe this summer I had many dreams and preoccupations exposing me to events in other parts of the world.  My imagination seems to have settled back down now that I’ve been home for a couple weeks, but it was as if my subtle body was at large in the world, having experiences and arriving back in this waking reality to report on them.  Before I left there were all the concerns of the volcanic ash coming from the eruptions in Iceland, the strike of the cabin crew on my airline, tropical storms blowing across Guatemala where my son was, and more. And after I returned home I was having quite lucid dreams that I was still back in France and Spain.

The weekend before I left for Europe, in the Muse Group we corresponded with the Muse, in the form that each of us chose – mine was Imago Amore, “the image of the beloved”.  The art pieces took the form of letters, or rather envelopes with the letters inside.  My quite personal letter voiced my confusion and asked how to find my place in this turbulent world.  The return address:  Lost, Somewhere, World.  The response came immediately. . .



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