France: Chanting at the Abbey

On Sunday morning we visit the Abbeye d’et Encalcat for masse with the angelic chanting of the Benedictine monks.  For the first half hour I’m riding the waves of the voices but finally come back enough to sketch these unforgettable moments.

We’re invited by Dayle to visit the home and art retreat of a student friend of mine, Gwen. Every corner of this exquisite home, called La Cascade because of the waterfall it overlooks, is appealing.  It’s too cold to be outside, so I sketch this wonderful bed and colorful wall while we visit.

Virginia, our friend from Spain has joined us and we treat ourselves to a fabulous meal at La Tournesol in Soreze.  I sketch Virginia while talking and drinking wine – maybe not the best formula for good art, but certainly fun!

Tomorrow:  Finally, the last day of the trip.



  1. Great picture of Virginia and the brothers. Thank you so much for including us on your trip to Spain and France. I have loved it and your sketches thoroughly.


  2. Hello, I cant tell you how pleased Iam seeing your journal pages here. For awhile now thre hasnt been so many and I love them so. So happy to see that youre vacation was so wonderful and for taking us along.


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