France: Farmer’s Market

Sharpee pen and watercolor in 5 X 7″ Pentallic Nature Sketch book

Every Saturday for the last several hundred years the farmer’s market in Revel has been feeding the surrounding countryside.  I was mostly interested in watching it as a show.  This fellow’s hat, for instance, and the piles of cheeses. . .and the way they greeted their customers so warmly. . .

The rain isn’t keeping people at home.  But it certainly increases the challenge for the sketcher. . .

For the second day in a row I run into pig’s trotters!  I take pictures of the the egg ladies with their baskets of beautiful eggs and cages of prize hens.  Nice to know where your eggs are coming from after all.



  1. So nice to see all thta1 The fromage des pyrenees is one of my favourites. My father always brings me one when he comes to Spain. By the way my mother says that “fromage” was the first word I ever spoke in my life, even before I could say “maman” or “papa”!!!!
    And yes, the French do love their butchers… ot me though! I am in fact quite disgusted by the sight of red raw flesh…
    Must have been quite a challenge these sketches, and not only because of the rain. You must have been really quick! well-done, Pyrenees Girl!


    1. I hope that some day I’ll have the time to also visit the Pyrenees. Actually a pilgrimage all over France would be desired. Traveling just seems to wet the appetite for more traveling. I must say though, that I’m ready for more comfortable painting situations than standing in the rain and cold!


  2. Hi Susan,
    Happened to check in here last night and was surprised and delighted to see your sketches of Barcelona, Soreze and environs. I know the Revel market very well as I have a house across the street on rue Ferlus from la maison de l’art vivant. I will not make it over there until September, so thanks for giving me a preview. Spain is also a place very close to my heart. Sounds like you had a lovely trip. x0 N2


  3. Hi Susan, I love the way you caught the Basque cheese sellers. I see them every time I go to the Revel market; they’re an institution. I leave for Durfort in a couple of weeks and hope to do some sketching in the Revel market too.


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