Spain: last day

Well, here you have it.  A fateful moment.  It could happen to anyone I suppose.  I lock my suitcase into the apartment and the key is on the table inside and we miss our bus to France.  The word that comes out of my mouth has been translated into Spanish here.

We all know that all’s well that ends well and Virginia drives us to the fairytale village of Besalu with its drawbridge and cobblestone streets and shops and tea rooms with views of the river and we walk around enchanted until night falls and we eat dinner by candlelight in the plaza of the 12th century church.  We spend the night in Virginia’s apartment by the Dali museum, happy to have had another day in Spain.

So this really is the last day in Spain, and day 7 of my travels there.  On the British Air flight to Europe we were given sandwich boxes with the word “Enjoy” cut out.  It is now time to glue it into the book to set expectations for the next leg of the journey.



  1. Thank you Susan to share with us these nice moments. We enjoy sincerely your artistic talent and your marvellous sense of humor. We have remembered with your sketches that life is beautiful. I said always, don’t worry, take it easy “and you get by with a little help of my friends”. This weekend we go to the Coast with a friends of Uruguay… more reasons to explore and share.

    My best regards to Natalie and to your family.

    “A reveure” That expression means in catalan language “See you”.
    “Hasta la vista” in spanish or “Au revoir” en français.

    Greetings of Rafael and Rosa and happy 4th of July!



    1. Natalie and I will forever more picture you saying to us repeatedly, “Don’t worry” in your delightful English, and really meaning it! With friends like you around, there’s definitely no worries.


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