Spain: Part 5, still “resting”

At 7pm of that same day of “resting” the sky clears a bit and we drive to Roses to visit La Ciutadella, a museum park where we take a 45 minute self guided tour of excavations and standing edifices before the museum closes.  We walk through fields from the Hellenic era, Roman, early and late Medieval, Renaissance, to modern times – all built in layers upon each other in this same spectacular piece of land by the sea.  A fortress, village, church, monastery, and more – even paleolithic remains.  For Americans, who think that any building over 100 years old is historic, this was mind bending.

At 8pm we are seriously hungry, but want to find a restaurant in Roses to eat by this beautiful beach. But first. . .another sketch.  A handsome young man named Adrian is sitting in the lifeguard’s chair reading when he turns around and catches Shambhavi sketching him.  He takes a pictures of her with his cell phone camera and climbs down to see the sketch. Our hunger is forgotten for a while as we spend a delightful time getting to know him.

. . .so that it isn’t until 10pm that we finally manage to find a restaurant, back in Empuriabrava.  This is not late to eat in Spain, and by now our Spanish friend Virginia has joined us and we are happily munching on roast chicken.  And here ends our “day of rest” at midnight as we stumble up to our borrowed apartment to sleep.



  1. Beautiful sketches, Susan, I especially love the Rosas beach… the palm-trees are gorgeous! And the little resting sailing boat too…
    I think you would enjoy Kevin;s company while travelling, he loves history, and always tries to find out the stories behind the ancient monuments.. and there are so many here in Spain! When we were in the Ates earlier this year, I was saying to Kevin many times how weird it must seem to American people, when they come to Europe,to see all the old castles and forts! For me it was so weird NOT to see them in the USA… I must confess that I had the feeling that something was missing… the long history I suppose!
    Yes, 10 pm is normal dinner time in Spain. When I first came to Spain, ore than 50 years ago, 11 PM was even more normal. But ten the tourists came,English, German, Hollander and Scandinavian, and the dinner times became earlier and earlier. Nowadays the restaurants owners are quite happy in the tourist places: they start serving meals at 6 PM, and it does not stop until 12 PM. First come the people from North, then from France and at the end from Spain…


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